What People Need To Check When Buying A Foosball Table

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Foosball is table soccer, the only reason why it’s named as foosball was that the Germans “B” sounds like an “S”, hence we got foosball. It was originated way back in the 1920s and it grew from there. The success of foosball was a no-brainer given that the game was well embraced that anything football can be an instant hit.

The 1920s never had video games, but people at that time loves soccer and knows that a soccer game is more than life. When there are no soccer games and it’s pretty cold to play outside they know foosball is the way to do it. Now in today’s age, people might think that foosball has no place in it, but is it? The pool is still around, board games are pretty much alive, and foosball is still a hell of a fun!

The craftsmanship

As much as foosball is very fun to play on, the craftsmanship behind this table is out of this world. It’s a very well crafted table that also has possible imperfections because of the fact that it’s well crafted and it’s handmade. That is why buying one is not as easy as it seems and if you don’t know what things you need to look at, your perfectly looking foosball table might not be as perfect after all.

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It has to be flat

The table has to be flat, especially if you’re using it for gaming. Pool, foosball and all that, it’s important that it has to be flat. You can’t afford to have ball roll when it shouldn’t because that will cost you a game, you’ll get into a brawl because of it. When you buy one and even if it looks perfect, check if it’s flat, roll the ball in all directions and in all the edges and see if there are an unusual ball rolling that shouldn’t. If it does and if it can be adjusted then fine, but if not, then move on.

Lighter handlebars

The handlebars are the things that you turn with your hand to move the pieces in defense and in an offense. If it’s not made of lighter materials, your wrist will suffer in the long run, affecting your performance and endurance, not to mention get injured because of it. So check it first and see if it’s a light material (but durable) that you can work with.

Every piece should be leveled: Every piece should be leveled, especially the ones the pieces that are used for offense and defense. The last thing you want in a game where most people that play it are frustrated with a soccer match and with booze is to give them an impression that you’re cheating. So always check, after all, a foosball table doesn’t come cheap.

Soccer is a very popular game, it originated in Brazil but past way more than that and it turned into a worldwide phenomenon. It made the world addicted to a sport that people got so hooked into that it became more than just a sport. Whenever a soccer match is on it’s a festival, if someone loses, it’s a riot. Because anything soccer is a welcoming gesture, what more if it was made as a table version. When the word video game was still non-existent, it was apparent that board games and table games were the favorite past time. As much as foosball is very fun to play in, there are a lot of things to consider when buying one. If you want to know more information about best foosball table visit

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