What are the Basic Rules and Regulations to Play Basketball

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Every game has its own unique set of rules and regulations. Basketball is a team sport and hence requires team spirit to win the game. The standardized number of players in the game are five in each team. Substitute players are allowed. It is played on a rectangular court having standardized measurements. The whole court is divided into two sections by a middle court line. There are two metal hoops attached to a backboard on either side of the court and elevated above 10 feet above the ground. If you are interested to know more you may find it in the link-

How to Play Basketball

To play the game, you have to pass the ball through your opponent team’s hoop. Each team will have a defending basket which means you have to prevent your opponent team from scoring inside your basket. The ball is moved across the court by dribbling. If your team has the ball then it is the offense team. Your opponent, without the ball, will be the defense team. The team without the ball that is, the defense team will try to stop you and your teammates by stealing the ball, deflect passes and garner shots.

When a team scores a basket, they are awarded two points if scored within the three-point arc. If the score is made from outside of the three-point arc then, three points are awarded to the scoring team. After that, the ball is given to the other team.

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The game is usually played in four quarters of 10-12 minutes each. A half-time is allowed for 10-15 minutes after which the teams switch positions. The game is initiated by the referee. One player from either team is allowed to step forward and the referee tosses the ball in the air. The player who first gets the ball will pass it to his team-mates and hence begins the game.

Position of the Players

The tallest players are generally positioned in the center, closer to the basket. The main responsibility of the center players is to block the opponent team from scoring in their basket. The next tallest players are placed in the forward position. They are mainly responsible for taking free shots and outside shots. The shortest players are placed in the guard. They are mainly responsible for dribbling and passing the ball to their team. Generally, these are the players who can dribble very good and fast.

What are the Fouls and Violations in a Game of Basketball

Free throws are awarded to the shooter on whom fouling is made. Personal fouls may include any kind of illegal physical contact like hitting, pushing, holding or slapping the opponent and it results in penalties depending on the number of fouls committed.

Basketball game violations include walking without dribbling the ball, dribbling the ball with both hands, time restrictions etc.

Basketball is a very interesting game if played with accordance to the rules and regulations.

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