Ways you can make money playing computer games

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Everyone loves to play games. That is the best part of every childhood. A game played by a child actually helps to develop his cognitive skill. He becomes more active and sharp. You would know the difference by comparing the one that does not play game with the one who is too much into it. For some, gaming is a way to pass the time or to experience entertainment while there are many who take it as a profession by playing Full Game and makes a hell lot of money from it. Here are the simplest ways you can make money out of your gaming enthusiasm.

Guide your fellow mate over the internet

Gaming is dear to everyone. Everyone wants to play but not all have the skills in them. They take time to learn and require guidance to be able to play. Hence, you could be of help to them and also make money out of it. You can use the digital mode to get started. You can create a website and write blogs on Full Game. The website can include blogs to play a game, list down all the rules, the tips or give ideas to play the game. You can also list all the different games according to a genre. The whole concept here is to get an audience base who loves what you write. Once that is done you can carry on ads on your website and through this, you can make money. You can also print e-books. This is also a great way but for that, you have to build a reputation over the market so that gamers buy the e-book.

Tournament gaming

There are tournaments that are carried out all over the globe. Organizers of specific game organize a tournament to make their games popular. On winning the game they distribute cash prizes to the winners. The most common type of games where a tournament is organized is PvP games. These are the trended games in recent times. If you are really good with gaming then you can test your skill here and if you are the best then you can win huge amount of money. Some also make a livelihood out of this tournament. Well, the most difficult thing to make this a way of income is that, there are a huge number of competitors. Some are way better than the rest and to defeat all is not an easy thing. In addition to that if you somehow manage to win the game that may not be the case always.


You can also become a game tester. It is an important phase that games have to go through before coming out to play it officially. The tester is paid for playing the game and reporting for any errors. However, the pay isn’t high but it is good if you love playing games.

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