Top Tips to Improve Your Gaming Skill

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Table tennis is more than just a recreational room party game. It’s fast, fun, entertaining, and has great health benefits as well. Playing regularly can improve hand-eye coordination, reflexes, strengthening and toning the core muscles, lower and upper body flexibility, and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

As with any activity, the key to enlightening your gaming skills is to get started with the appropriateground rules, and then adding extra strategy and skills. It’s also important to have a best table tennis table, racket, ball, and net.

Here are 6 quick tips and trick that will help to improve your table tennis skills.

1.     Know what spin is on the ball

To enlightening this essential skill requires a careful lookout on the challenger’s racket when they make an interaction with the tennis ball. There are four different types of spins:

  • Topspin: If the challenger’s racket is moving from low to high then it’s a topspin move.
  • Right sidespin: If their racket is moving from their left to right then it’s called right sidespin.
  • Left sidespin: If their racket is moving from their right to left then it’s called left sidespin.
  • Backspin: If the challenger’s racket is moving from high to low then it’s called backspin.

2.     Compensate for the spin with your racket angle

Considering their topspin, approach your foremost racket face down and hit the tennis ball beyond its center;if left sidespin, approach the foremost racket face towards the left and hit the ball towards the right of its mid-line; if right sidespin, approach the foremost racket face towards the right and hit the ball towards the left of its mid-line; if backspin, approach your foremost racket face up and hit the tennis ball under its center.

3.     Maintain a good ready position

It’s recommended to be in a balanced position and organizes your body to change immediately in the required direction. The basic order of the rally is:

  • Put yourself in a good start position.
  • Stay balanced and move towards the ball with your feet.
  • Hit the ball with full concentration.
  • Get back to your original ready position.

4.     Train your hits until they are spontaneous

Use your mental energy to verbalize a rich psychological image of how the stroke feels and looks. Once this mental image is reasonably precise, you should then practice that skill constantly until you’re used to it.

5.     Do regular practice

It’s recommended to get a best table tennis table and your own racket and practice with it exclusively. With regular practice, you will get a feel and playing characteristics which will benefit you in every match. If you regularly change your racket, you can face difficulty to adapt that one.

6.     Practice more than you compete

Spend more time developing your skill for table tennis by concentrating on some aspect. The main objective of practice is to expertise your talent, and when you compete, your main focus goes on winning the game. It’s recommended to play practice games where your main objective will be to blend yourself in a new tactic or skill.

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