Meet the Red Bull F1 Team

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Red Bull has long been associated with high-octane, dangerous sports. From X Fighters to Rampage and X Games to Air Races, their events take place all over the world and push competitors to their limit in every discipline. It should have been no surprise to anyone then when they entered the F1 arena in 2005.

Although their success was limited in the early days, they are now seen as a real contender and the one to watch in 2018. In the F1 drivers’ standing published by Sky Sports they currently hold two of the top ten spots and are third on the team table.

Let’s take a look at the two Red Bull drivers currently vying to knock Ferrari and Mercedes off the top spots.

Daniel Ricciardo

This Australian driver has already achieved seven race wins, twenty-nine podium finishes and two pole positions in his career and currently drives car number three for Red Bull.

A poor season last year, in comparison to his teammate Max Verstappen, means that he needs to come out all guns blazing during 2018 to hold his position as Red Bull’s number one driver.

Max Verstappen

Belgian-born Verstappen became the youngest driver to take part in the 2015 Australian race aged just seventeen years and one hundred and sixty-six days.

He currently drives car number thirty-three for Red Bull and is generally considered their ‘other driver’, but that could all change in 2018.

Of course, as well as trying to challenge for the drivers’ and constructors’ championships, there is one race that they, like all drivers, will be hoping to win and that’s Monaco.

Seen as one of the most challenging courses to drive, it has hardly changed in the more than sixty years it has been part of the F1 series.

For spectators, it must surely be one of the most exhilarating races to watch, even more so if you get the opportunity to be there in person. If you’re planning a trip, companies such as provide packages which include exclusive access to the F1 Paddock Club Monaco.

So only time and races will tell if Red Bull and its drivers have what it takes to achieve the pinnacle of F1 awards, but it’s clear that both Ferrari and Mercedes do see this young pretender as a real threat.

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