Know about the fencing equipments before buying one

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Fencing is a sport, where you have to defend yourself from the opponent with the help of foil or epee or sabre.

  • Foil – the lighter. light weighted one.
  • Epee – Heaviest sword compared to foil.
  • Sabre – It is a thrusting weapon

When you are involved in the fencing sport you must be aware of the equipments needed. These equipments will greatly helps you to reduce the injuries caused while playing. When it comes to your head there will be a helmet and a mask which will completely cover your head. At the front side of the mask there will be a tough mesh from where the player can see his opponent but strong enough to protect you from injury.

There is a fencing jacket which will cover your body completely. The main are of this game if your center body which will be mostly affected by the opponent. Hence you must have a quality jacket to protect your body. your body and head is the major parts where your opponent will affect, hence it is your responsibility to protect it carefully.

When it comes to the leg part there are special fencing pants available. This will cover your entire legs. You can get these types of equipments both offline and online.

Fencing points will be based on the weapons used. For every weapons there will be different rules and regulations and the points are based on that. There are also some common things for all the weapon based fencing. you have to come across many different steps from preliminary to final rounds.

Once you have decided to be a fencer, join in an academy to learn the basic rules and regulations. Your trainer will guide you in the right direct and will suggest you the equipments and safeguard items for you. When it comes to academy they must have a tie up with some of the brand who will deliver the equipments and weapons for them. In this scenario there is no need to search for the one which is safe and branded.

If you are searching for the equipment individually you must spend some of your time online. This will help you to find the one which is safe to use. There are many websites where you can get many detailed information about the fencing equipments. If you are looking for guide to hema pants for fencing visit Here you will get to know about all the equipments in detail. Hema is one of the tournament approved brand. Once you have decided to buy this brand you can buy online. There are many online sellers available from whom you can get the needed items.

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