How to Win the Most Prestigious Horse Race Event – The Melbourne Cup

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The Melbourne Cup is a prominent horse racing event that has been taking place every year since the early 1860s. It’s also referred to as ‘the race that stops the nation’ due to the increasing number of people who come here every year to enjoy the event. There are different stages and parameters on which the judges decide the winner of the top favorite event in Australia.

The first trophy of the event was awarded in the year 1865. However, its winner sold it off, since he reportedly didn’t like its design. The oldest trophy in its original form is that of 1866. The inaugural trophy of the event is preserved in the National Museum of Australia.

There is a lengthy selection process to ensure that only the best horses participate in the race. Every year, hundreds of horse owners submit their applications, out of which around 400 horses get nominated for entry in the event. However, only 24 horses actually participate in the race. The race turf is around 2 miles long.

Off the Track Event:

Aside from the main race, the event also offers other attractions to visitors. ‘Fashions on the Field’ is one of the major highlights of the event in which prizes are awarded to the best dressed people chosen from the audience. Race day fashion holds great importance in the history of the event and is one of the major reasons why so many people visit the event every year. Style Sense can increase your chances of becoming a winner.

The event is not only watched in Australia, but also holds the same level of importance in New Zealand. People from both nations stop their activities to watch the event. It is broadcasted to facilitate people from both countries who can’t visit the event to watch it live.

How to Win the Most Prestigious Horse Race Event – The Melbourne Cup


Melbourne Cup betting is the most anticipated activity in Australia and the hype starts weeks before the event. Only the best horses get the opportunity to participate in the event. Therefore, it often gets difficult to choose a horse to put your money on.

It is recommended to do your research about the horses in the event in order to maximise your prospects of winning. Here are some factors you should consider to choose a horse with the highest winning prospects.

·        Check their History:

Make sure you’re aware of the performance of all horses in their previous races. The total distance of the race track is 3,200 m. If the horse isn’t fit enough, it may not be able to perform well. If they have a history of winning races of long distances, their chances of winning the race may be bright. Moreover, make sure they are also accustomed to the local weather conditions.

·        Age of Horse:

The minimum age of horse should be 3 years to be eligible to participate in the race. However, the history of the event indicates that 4-5 years old horses have brighter chances of winning the race.

Moreover, you need to consider the current form of a horse before placing your bet. Look at the results of recent races to make the right choice.


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