How to improve your hockey shot power

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Field hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world, regularly coming in the top ten globally. In the UK, while it is often pushed down the rankings by the likes of football, rugby and cricket, it is still one of the most commonly played sports. At the London Olympics of 2012, it was the third most-watched sport of the entire programme.

A regular feature in the school sports curriculum, many people continue to play the sport once they leave education. If you’re interested in playing hockey and are looking for a local club, England Hockey allows you to search by area and age range.

Whether you play the sport for fun or you’re playing at a more professional level, there is one key attribute that nearly all players would like to improve, and that is the power of their shot. There are two main elements that will help you to improve your power: technique and strength. Let’s take a look at both of these aspects in a little more detail.


If you’re part of a club, your coach will often have a planned programme of training that will include both strength and technique. Many will use a hockey drill video as part of their programme. These are a great way to watch how things should be done so that players can mirror the techniques on the pitch. Of course, a hockey drill video is great for the theory behind technique, but it cannot simulate match playing conditions when a variety of factors will affect a player’s ability to make a shot.


To strength train specifically for power of shot, you need to first understand the biomechanics involved in the technique; the two elements go hand in hand. Certain specific strength drills will help a player to improve muscle condition in the right places to improve shot power. Again, a hockey drill video an be a useful tool as part of a well-planned and structured training programme.

Of course, strength is not only important to help improve the power of your shot, but also your overall game. Strength in the legs will help to increase your speed and stamina, while overall strength allows a player to withstand the tackles and knocks involved in the game.

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