History of Tennis:

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Tennis is the most popular sports in today’s world and the world goes crazy over Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s winning strokes at the Wimbledon Championship tournament. Here is a little history of the most famous sport in the world today after football and cricket. The modern game of tennis was first introduced in the late 19th century England. However, the game was then called Lawn Tennis. This was considered as an upper-class game in the English society, but sooner the game became famous in almost every section of the society. The game as we all know is played either between two players or two teams consisting of two players. To know more about how the game is played one can check the Tennis Instructional Videos on the internet.

It does not make a difference if the match is singles or doubles, tennis played by men or women tennis is an exciting game. Usually, the match has set; the one who wins the maximum sets by scoring the maximum points wins the match. The rules of the modern tennis have been similar since 1980’s. The first ever tennis tournament was held in the suburb of London, Wimbledon in the year 1877 on July 9. You can also see some of the awesome Tennis Instructional Videos on the internet.

Grand Slams:            

Wimbledon Championship:

Wimbledon Championship is one of the oldest of the four grand slams of the tennis tournament. This is the most prestigious tournament for any player across the globe.  Usually, the tournament is held in the late June and early July of every year. The tournament has a strict dress code and certain rules that every player must follow. It is the only grass court where tennis is played. Winning this tournament is the greatest dream of any tennis player. So far William Renshaw, Rodger Federer, and Pete Sampras won the tournament 7th time and Martina Navratilova won it for the maximum time in the female section.

Australian Open:

Held at Melbourne in Australia, this is another tournament which is held yearly on the last fortnight of the month of January. Till 1988, this tournament was played on the grass court but it shifted to hard court. There are two types of hard court grounds; one is the Rebound Ace which is green in color and the other is Plexicushion which is blue in color. The tournament was initially played in the year 1905. Novak Djokovic and Roy Stanley Emerson won this single title the maximum time whereas Margaret Court won it maximum times in the female section.

French Open:

Roland-Garros or the French open is a major tournament in the tennis championships. This competition is held usually for two weeks beginning in late May and ending early June. This is the paradise of spring clay court and the only major on clay. This is physically the most demanding tournament as the game is played on seven round each and the final is a straight away five-set match without the tie breaker. This tournament was first started in the year 1891. Single titles of the tournament belong to Rafael Nadal in men and Chris Evert in the female.

US Open:

This is a hardcourt tennis tournament which is held on the last Monday of August every year and continues till the first two weeks of September. Initially, it was a grass court then a clay court and now is a hard court. This championship was first held in the year 1881. The most time winners men are Richard Sears, Bill Larned, and Bill Tilden and in women Molla Bjurstedt Mallory.

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