Guide to the 6 Best Spells in Clash Royale

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Sometimes, it is hard to lead your troop to capture the enemy’s tower. In this situation, you can use spell to change the fate. Casting the right spell at the right time can help you to win the battle easily. Different types of spells can achieve different levels of damages. The following are the 6 best spells in Clash Royale game.

  1. Arrows

The Arrows spell card can be unlocked in a training camp. You can use arrows to fight off troops of enemies in a big radius. You want to use the arrows strategically to reap the most Elixir profits. Most cards will cost you 1 – 2 elixir. Some cards like minion horde and lava hound can earn you a few elixir profits when you use arrows to shoot them.

  1. Freeze

The freeze spell can pause all the troops and everything else to prevent them from moving. You can unlock the freeze spell in Spell Valley. It costs 4 elixir to release the freeze spell. You can use this spell when you are offended or to defend yourself. You should release this spell in a place that allows you to freeze as many enemies as you can in 3 tile radius. Freeze can be used with balloons to create a big deal of damage to buildings.

  1. Zap

The zap spell can carry out damage on a certain area range just like arrows. Zap is a good alternative to arrows if you want to inflict damage in a smaller radius. It only cost 2 Elixir to release a zap spell. Zap cannot kill Goblins and Minions but it can reduce their ranks. If you use zap along with Ice Spirit, you can defeat the minions. If you use zap strategically, you can destroy the skeleton army.

  1. Mirror

The mirror card allows you to repeat a card that the enemy unleash at you. Mirror is a highly rewarding card that can help you to attain a three crown win if it is used correctly. You can use the mirror card to repeat a card that you accidentally release too early or at wrong timing. However, doing so will cost you 1 Elixir. Some of the cards that you shouldn’t mirror are Minions, Musketeer, Skeletons, and Goblins.

  1. Poison

The poison card can release deadly toxin to destroy enemy troops and buildings at one time. Poison is depicted as an orange liquid in a vial. You can unlock the poison card in the Spell Valley. Poison can create moderate damage in a relatively wide radius. The troops and buildings in the affected area will slowly become damaged. It costs 4 Elixir to release the poison card. Poison is best used to create damage on spawning structures, and Witch. It can kill a musketeer, and wizard but they will usually manage to go outside the radius before dying.

  1. Tornado

Tornado is like a magnet that can pull the enemy troops to the center. The damage happens gradually as the enemy troops get dragged to the center. You can unlock the Tornado card from Frozen Peak. Tornado is a low damage card that can cover a wide radius. It affects the enemy troop slightly every 0.5 second. Tornado can only be used on troops and not buildings. It is not effective on troops that are moving in the opposite direction. It costs 3 elixir to release a tornado card.

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