Getting the most out of ante post betting

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Surely one of the only drawbacks from attempting to get into betting on horse racing is the lack of understanding around some of the terms used by more experienced punters. Whether it’s a Lucky 15 or a NAP, these keywords can be make or break in backing your bets to the fullest potential, as there’s always ways of heightening your chances of betting successfully in all sports.

Another keyword used in horse racing betting is ante post, which works as one of the more technical terms rather than a nickname, but it can be hard to understand for newcomers. Most football betting websites don’t offer help on how to utilise the various markets in betting on horse racing, but The Winners Enclosure are different, with extensive information on every aspect of how to bet, as well as recommended bets and a page dedicated to their own ante post betting tips and predictions.

What is an ante post bet?

Of all bookmaker terms, this one is surely the most used by horse racing punters. All it consists of is backing your bet prior to an event getting underway. It doesn’t have to be immediately before or several months prior, as long as you’re back your horse before the race starts, this counts as antepost betting.

Most bookies offer these markets as ante post or will label them in a ‘Future Races’ section, but they’re all effectively the same thing. The opportunity to back horses so far in advance can span back several months, and you’ll usually see the option to get behind ante post bets for the bigger horse racing events on bookmaker websites ready and waiting to give punters a stronger chance of choosing their selection early.

Why is ante post betting so popular?

It’s a widely known fact that more experienced punters will be more tempted into backing their horse tips on an ante post basis. This is mostly due to the fact that the odds they will get through wagering so early will be set in stone. As we get closer to the race getting underway, bookmaker odds can fluctuate, so it makes the most sense to back your bet while the odds are at their strongest.

Some bookmakers also offer a feature whereby even if your odds go higher after backing your bet so early, you’ll still be awarded with the strongest possible starting price. Ante-post betting has many uses but it’s mostly the relaxation horse racing punters get from backing their bet early, knowing that they’ve grabbed the best odds before any changes in the market.

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