Get on your Bike and Ride the Road to Health and Happiness

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The British public have embraced cycling to such an extent that it has become a way of life for many individuals and families. After the Tour De France success of Sir Bradley Wiggins, the average person somehow felt motivated to buy a bike and take up cycling, and his success has put cycling firmly up there as one of the most popular leisure activities in the UK. Sir Bradley has ignited the public’s imagination, much the same way as Alex Higgins added a new dimension to snooker, which up until the Irishman’s rise to fame, was considered a slow, boring game for the older generation.

You Choose the Pace

The great thing about cycling is everyone can do it, and if you are looking for an enjoyable way to become fit, then cycling takes a lot of beating. If you are new to the game, or are in your later years, you are advised to start slowly, and gradually develop your speed and distance, which allows your body to become accustomed to the sudden increase in physical activity.

Safety Practices

Riding on public roads requires a level of safety, and with a decent helmet and reflective strips on your clothing, you will always be visible to other road users. LED lights front and back will complete your safety equipment, and NEVER wear headphones while riding, as this can cause an accident, as many people have found out to their cost. You might be able to see everything, but if you lose your hearing while riding, this is a big disadvantage, and you might not hear a warning from a motorist who is fast approaching. See and be seen is always good advice for a cyclist, and if you are out after dark, wear as much bright clothing as possible, and with reflective strips sewn into your cycling jersey, other road users will always be aware of your presence.

Cycling for Health

Some people ride for the sheer pleasure, but many are focused on leading a healthier lifestyle, and with regular riding sessions, you will soon notice the difference. Cycling can be quite addictive, and many riders set out to simply try it out, and before long, they are committed to their new hobby and the end result is always a healthier body.

Extend your Limits

Cycling allows a rider to slowly increase speed and distance, and before long, a 25-mile ride would not be a problem. It does help to monitor and record your riding sessions, and there are tiny digital devices that can help you do that. Always time yourself on a ride, and make your goal to come in with a quicker time than your last ride. Increase distances when appropriate, and you might want to include some incline riding after a while, as this really does build up your lower body strength.

Cycling on Britain’s roads is so popular that many towns and cities have their own bike lanes, and with motorists having an increased awareness of cyclists, it has never been safer.

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