Discover The Famous NFL & NBA Teams Of Wisconsin!

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Wisconsin has some of the best NBA and NFL teams in the USA. The fans here are proud to see their players in action and they never miss the chance to watch them live. The Green Bay Packers, The Milwaukee Bucks and The Milwaukee Brewers are the notable teams in Wisconsin where both the young and old fans go crazy about!

An ardent fan who not only watches games but loves sharing stories

When it comes to Wisconsin and its famous teams, Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan. He says that he not only likes to watch his favorite Wisconsin teams in action but he also likes to keep track of their news and updates. He says that all the teams in the state have colorful histories that are worth sharing with the young and old. Even the young get enthralled with the amazing stories they hear. For example, he says that The Green Bay Packers has the one of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL League. Their games have been booked since 1960. There are more than 80,000 names in their waiting lists and only 90 or so lucky people get the chance to watch them on Lambeau Field live. He says that if you wish to see this team play, you would need to wait for at least 30 years. There are some people that are even making wills so that their next of kin and newborn family members can get the chance to see The Green Bay Packers play live.

The colorful mascots and their adorable stories

Though the Green Bay Packers do not have a mascot, the other two Wisconsin teams do. The mascot of The Milwaukee Brewers has an interesting story where a 69 -year old man called Milt Mason actually sat on top of the scoreboard to increase the number of fans at their home games. Such is the love and the dedication for their home teams he says. Though Milt Mason was injured while he sled down the rope, he is fondly remembered till date as the original Bernie Brewers. He says that tales like this are touching and even young children love to hear them again and again.

The famous sausage race is also worth mentioning he says. They are cute sausages racing against each other in large costumes at home runs. The audience gets floored seeing them. Originally there were three sausages but now there are five sausages who race one another. They belong to the Klement Sausage Company and the employees from the company and Miller Park dress as the five famous sausages to race and win the race!

The Milwaukee Bucks are no less. They have some of the most iconic and entertaining players that the whole nation is proud of.

Sandy Petrocelli says that these teams bring pride to Wisconsin and he is lucky to see them play and keep track of their entertaining events and updates. He says that these Wisconsin teams are inevitably some of the best NBA and NFL teams the nation or maybe the world has ever had!


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