A Quick Look at the new Soft Feel Srixon Golf Balls

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Srixon Z Star golf balls are considered to be a gold standard in the game, but the company has now launched a tenth generation of their soft feel golf ball range that is sure to be a hit on the range. These balls are designed for male and female players who have mid to low swing speeds.

The Soft Feel Srixon Golf Balls

The popular Soft Feel balls are trusted by golfers around the world and feature a softer cover and low compression core. This results in incredible distances and a softer feel than before.

In its tenth generation, the all new ball provides the golfer with an even better feel with all shots. Additionally, these balls offer enhanced accuracy, incredible distance, and improved greenside spin.

These high performance balls are available in the classic Soft White or a striking new Tour Yellow for those who enjoy the added visual appeal.

The new Soft Feel Lady ball offers the same superb performance benefits, but there is a slightly higher launch. This ball is also available in the Soft White finish, but it is also offered in an eye catching Passion Pink. Both of the new versions feature the key innovations that the R&D team at Srixon have implemented to maximise game performance in all areas.

A Softer and Lower Compression Core

Like the Srixon z-star xv golf balls, the R&D team has focused on the compression core to maximise performance. The new Soft Feel features the unique Srixon Energetic Gradient Growth Core. This EGG is thought to be a major contributing factor to the massive success of the AD333 ball.

This far softer ball has a 60 compression design that is 12 points softer than previous Soft Feel generations. This creates an even softer feel without sacrificing accuracy and distance.

Thinner, Softer Cover

The ball features a lonmer cover that is 5 percent softer and 11 percent thinner than the previous generation. This creates the softest feel in the low compression ball category. The softer, thinner cover provides more greenside spin and a softer feel on all chips, putts, and pitches.

Speed Dimple Design

The new cover features the Srixon innovative 324 Speed Dimple design. This combines a greater uniformity of dimples for better surface coverage, resulting in less ball drag to produce more penetration in ball flight and maximised full shot distance.

The ultimate advantage of the new tenth generation Soft Feel Srixon golf balls is that they feel softer while offering an optimal blend of spin, accuracy, and distance to suit a wide range of golfers.

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